Astove Atoll is located five hundred and seventy nautical miles south-west of Mahe and only a stone’s throw away from the great Cosmoledo Atoll. This part of the world is famous for Giant Trevally and Astove Atoll is GT heaven.

Astove now offers a high quality land-based option on one of the Seychelles great Giant Trevally fisheries. The newly created lodge will allow you to experience fly fishing for Giant Trevally at its best. Limited number of anglers get to fish Astove and this location is for experienced saltwater fly-fisherman looking for a remote un-presurred fishery. While Giant trevally are the main quarry for anglers visiting Astove, there is a huge variety of the usual flats and reef species if you can draw yourself away from the thrill of casting at GTs.

  • Season: October–November and February–April
  • Excellent Giant Trevally fishery
  • Bonefish, Giant Trevally, Indio Pacific Permit plus other Flats and Bluewater species
  • Ideal for experienced anglers
  • Isolated remote coral atoll
  • Six anglers per week

Astove Atoll is situated some six hundred and fifty five miles south-west of Mahe in the Aldabra group of Atolls. Wild, remote and isolated sum up Astove which of course makes it ideal for fishing. Relatively small in size being three-and-a-half miles long and about two miles at its widest point, it has remained unspoilt since the late sixties. Whilst a newly built lodge has been created to cater for anglers, numbers have been restricted to six per week to ensure that the rugged wilderness of Astove Atoll remains intact, making it a very special and remote place to visit.

Accommodation is in a comfortable but modest lodge which can cater for six anglers in single occupancy rooms that form a courtyard style development. All the rooms have private bathrooms and showers as well as air conditioning. It is fair to say that whilst the rooms are basic they are clean and comfortable and there is enough room to store all your gear and fishing equipment.

There is also a main lodge with a dining area that doubles up as the relaxing and social area, which is a perfect place to share a beer, discuss stories and share the day's events. Dining and cuisine at the lodge is a mix of Creole and international dishes. There are local beers to enjoy but if you want spirits, it's best to bring your own—subject to duty free regulations. As you would expect in a remote location, there is no internet wifi at the lodge but there is a satellite phone in the event of emergency which can be used by guests if needed.

There is no WIFI.

Astove Island is known for its large Giant Trevally population and the topography of the coral that surrounds the island makes it ideal for large predators with shallow coral flats inhabited by small fish, surrounded by steep and deep drop-offs including the famous 'Wall' where you literally go from ankle deep water to a steep almost vertical drop-off down to 3000ft.

It is the perfect habitat for large predators to ambush small prey. This also makes for a perfect location for anglers seeking the thrills of targeting large predators such as GT's, Bluefin Trevally, Barracudas etc. In addition, there is a good population of Bonefish and other species to target from Indo-Pacific Permit to Trigger Fish in the shallow coral areas to Milkfish and in the deeper blue waters Yellowfin Tuna, Wahoo, Dog-tooth Tuna, Sailfish and Marlin.

This unspoilt eco-system has given Astove a reputation for those wanting to catch GTs and it is probably the best location to make contact with a true trophy monster fish. The tidal flows of water in and out of the lagoon can, at times, be like a river which makes for perfect hunting habitat for GT's and other large species. The general island terrain ranges from heavy shore surf on the windward side to calm coral flats on the leeward side.

Anglers are generally moved around the island on small tender boats with two anglers per guide. The guides are changed each day so you get to fish with different guides all of whom speak good English, are very experienced and know the island very well. Most of the fishing is walking and wading and the boats are used to access the shallow flats and occasionally chase down large fish.

The rates for this destination vary throughout the season. We offer the best available rates for this destination and do not charge for our service. By calling we are able to tailor a package to specifically suit your requirements at the best available rate. As we have offices in both the United Kingdom and Australia we can also ensure you are being quoted in your local currency. Please enquire for the latest rates and availability, including information on any applicable special offers and group discounts.



Passport with minimum six months validity.

It is a three-hour private charter flight from Mahe to Astove.

Luggage allowance on internal flights is a max of 15 kilos.

  • Currency: Seychelles Rupee—but both Euros and US Dollars are accepted
  • Capital: Victoria
  • Airport: Mahe Airport SEZ
  • Population: 87,000
  • Language: English, Creole and French
  • Religion: Roman Catholic
  • Electricity: 220v and 240v two-pin
  • Time: 4 hours ahead of GMT and 7 hours behind Sydney Australia
  • Average temperature: mid to high 20s-30s, fairly consistent due to its equator location


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