The Jardines de la Reina ('Gardens of the Queen') Archipelago is located about fifty miles to the south of the Cuban mainland and is perhaps the most well known and popular fishing destination in Cuba.

Since 1996, Jardines de la Reina has been a marine reserve made up of over six hundred cays and islands, and as such, the only accommodation out here is on what live-aboards. Essentially, the 'floating hotels' or mothership fish this huge expanse of protected marine park.

  • Season: mid October to late August
  • World-class tarpon fishing
  • Variety of species including Bonefish, Permit, Barracuda, Snapper and Snook
  • Various live-aboard options
  • Ideal for fishing individuals, small and large groups

The live-aboard options include:

  • La Torguta
    This is a 110ft floating hotel with seven cabins. Each cabin has twin-beds.

  • Avalon 1
    This is a stylish yacht catering for eight to twelve anglers. It is the ultimate Cuban live-aboard for exploring the Jardines region.

  • Avalon 2
    This is a luxurious ten-cabin yacht catering for ten to twelve anglers. It is a large, spacious boat with excellent facilities.

  • Halcon
    This is a 75 feet refurbished yacht with six cabins and three bathrooms.

  • Caballones
    This is a small boat catering for six anglers. It is ideal for small groups.

The dining and cuisine on the live-aboards is a combination of traditional Cuban and Italian dishes. Fresh seafood is served everyday along with rice, beans and soups. You will not go hungry after a day out on the water. The bar has mostly beer with imported wines and Cuban rum.

For non-anglers, activities are limited to diving and snorkelling but Jardines de la Reina offers some of the best diving and snorkelling anywhere in the world.

Internet is not available at the Jardines de la Reina and there is limited mobile phone reception. Please note that satellite phones are not allowed in Cuba and will be confiscated at the airport.

The fishing day on board the live-aboards can be tailored and is flexible to suit the anglers' goals. The Dolphin Super skiffs are anchored off the back of the boats and are accessible instantly. A typical day starts after breakfast at 7:00am and the boats and guides are ready to go around 7.45am. Very little travelling is needed and in some cases, dependent on tides, you can be fishing within moments of leaving the yachts.

At around 12-ish you can either come back to Tortuga for lunch and have a break from the midday sun, which is what many anglers do in the summer months when the sun can be intense, or if you're visiting little fished areas at the outer limits of the fishery, you can stay out on the water and have lunch in the shade before tackling a long afternoon session. You then fish right through until dusk, which can often be very productive as the breeze dies away. However, this can change depending on tides and conditions, so be flexible to maximise the fishing and the guides will offer their best advice.

Most of the fishing is from the boat but there are some flats that allow for walking and wading.

The fishing here receives little pressure. Jardines de la Reina is about the same size as the Florida Keys and fished by only a few anglers each year. So pressure on the fishery is carefully managed, and as a result, the fishing is often very good.

Most anglers come to this area for Tarpon. April, May and June are the best times for this as well as for Permit and large Bonefish. Of course there are Tarpon residents all year round but they tend to be of medium size.

We would advise all anglers to bring along their own equipment rods, reels, lines, flies, wading boots etc and any spares that you might need. The boat has some rental gear and spare rods but, if possible, bring all your own gear.

The rates for this destination vary throughout the season. We offer the best available rates for this destination and do not charge for our service. By calling we are able to tailor a package to specifically suit your requirements at the best available rate. As we have offices in both the United Kingdom and Australia we can also ensure you are being quoted in your local currency. Please enquire for the latest rates and availability, including information on any applicable special offers and group discounts.



Passport with minimum six months validity.

ALL Foreign Nationals require a Tourist Visa or Tourist Card to enter Cuba.

Fly to Havana and stay overnight in Havana. The next day, take a six-hour bus journey, followed by a three-hour boat transfer to the Jardines de la Reina live-aboards.


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