As well as fly fishing destinations in the UK and around the globe, Fly Odyssey offers casting lessons, tuitions days and guiding for beginners as well as more experienced fishermen who wish to improve and perfect their skills.

We believe that casting tuition is a necessary fundamental to enable you to increase your catch rate and enjoyment of the day as you experience the pleasure of casting.

Our Instructors are fully qualified at AAPGAI, GAIA and level 2 and hold full insurance, First-Aid certificates and DBS checks. They have been selected for their patience, understanding and their ability to make you feel confident and happy while learning.

Fly Odyssey offers fly casting lessons, one hour’s drive from London, on private stocked lakes in Hampshire with Fly Odyssey’s Gilly Bate who has been teaching for over thirteen years.

Private casting lessons may be booked from one hour to a full tuition day depending on requirements. Advice on tackle, entomology, fly selection, watercraft, understanding the Trout and its habitat are all parts of what you will be taught.

Lessons for groups are held at a variety of locations in Hampshire for beginners.

For the more advanced and specialist casting for overseas trips with tackle advice, tuition can also be arranged. Double-handed casting for salmon fishing may also be arranged on a suitable venue.

Cost start at £70 per hour, up to £295 for a full tuition day. All the equipment needed is supplied.

Please call Gilly Bate:

Saturday 7th May 2016

A day out for the girls learning the fine art of fly fishing on the aquifer-fed lake at the glorious Bossington Estate in Hampshire. The emphasis is on enjoyment of the sport, however by the end of the day, you should have a solid grounding in fly fishing and have confidence to join others for a day of fishing.

Fly Odyssey’s Gilly Bate will instruct throughout the day and teach the following:

  • Understanding the tackle and fly fishing kit
  • Knots and leader selection
  • Basic entomology and fly choice
  • Fly casting techniques
  • The Trout and its environment
  • ... and hopefully all will be catching fish!

9:30am start with coffee, breaks throughout the day (plus chocolate!) with a fabulous lakeside hut. All the equipment needed is supplied. Lunch is not included.

Cost: £135 per person. The day is suitable for beginners or for those wishing to improve.

Saturday 4th June 2016

An introductory day to Chalk stream fishing on the river Kennet Carriers for those wanting to take the next step. Learn how to stalk your fish, cast a line with skill and present your fly delicately to a rising fish. River craft and line management are the key elements in catching crafty trout but also an understanding of which fly to use is essential to increase your chances of success.

Gilly Bate will instruct along with professional guides to help you understand river fishing. All the equipment needed issupplied.

9:30am start with coffee, breaks throughout the day. Lunch is not included.

Cost: £195 per person. The day is suitable for those who have cast, caught and landed fish and who understand the basics of fly fishing.

Please call Gilly Bate for more details or fo booking:

Booking a guide can make all the difference to your experience even if you are a seasoned fisherman. Our guides have been selected for their superb watercraft, entomology and stalking skills with local knowledge of the rivers that we use.

Guides can supply all equipment for the day (however, we do not supply waders).

Subjects cover:

  • Leaders and flies
  • casting instruction
  • tackle advice, stalking skills
  • river etiquette
  • watercraft
  • entomology and fly selection

Please call Gilly Bate for more details or for booking:


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