Fly fishing for Atlantic Salmon in Russia is without doubt the last frontier. It is a Salmon fisherman's dream location. Prolific runs of Salmon still migrate up the remote rivers of the North East Kola Peninsula and attract the keenest of salmon anglers each summer.

The north-east coast of the Russian Kola Peninsula is a unique place. The cold waters of the Arctic Sea meet the stony coastal hills protecting the finest of the treasures of Kola, the last refuge of the large Atlantic Salmon. The river water is clear, the wind of the tundra fresh, and the Salmon big and plentiful.

  • Season: June to August
  • Salmon and Sea Trout
  • Ideal for individual anglers and small groups
  • Six anglers with guided fly fishing
  • Wilderness location
  • Average temperatures: -20℃ in winter, 19℃ in warmer months

Fly fishing the Varzina River for Atlantic Salmon is one of life's truly remote wilderness experiences. In the middle of this rugged beauty sits the finest salmon fishing camp in Russia, the Varzina River Lodge. The Varzina River Lodge harbours the fishing headquarters of the Varzina River Company.

Accommodation in the camp is in eight two-person cabins and a one four-person cabin with a small living-room is also available. The Varzina experience is limited to twelve anglers per week. The lodge is equipped with electricity, cold and hot water and heating.

The Lodge main building contains the gourmet kitchen, a spacious dining-room and a fully supplied lounge bar. It is also equipped with a satellite-operated TV, phone, fax and a WIFI zone. There are two separate saunas with hot showers available daily.

The camp is in a true wilderness setting and staying there is an experience in itself.

WIFI is available at the camp.

Within a radius of twenty-four kilometres from the lodge are some of the most productive fly pools ever fished. Daily helicopter flights take fishermen to different pools of Varzina and Penka rivers to catch the Salmon of their lifetime.

The powerful Varzina starts high in the upland tundra from Lake Enozero which feeds cool oxygen-rich water down the Varzina all season long. Atlantic Salmon run all thirteen miles of Varzina proper, but the most fished pools are on the lowest sections. Clearly defined pools include classic glides, runs, riffles and deep holes that hold very large fish every season. Many fish over thirty-three pounds are hooked, some are even landed. This is the true spirit of Atlantic Salmon fishing. While most of the fishing is reached by a helicopter, some of the very best pools are within a comfortable walking distance from the lodge. Many an evening outing after dinner has produced a Trophy Salmon within sight of the Varzina lounge bar!

Fly Odyssey also offers rods on the Drozdovka and Sidorovka rivers which have small tented wilderness camps. These rivers offer a unique salmon-fishing experience, camping next to two rivers which famously hold Atlantic Salmon in excess of thirty pounds. For small parties looking for a wild salmon river to themselves, this is the ultimate experience.

Fly Odyssey runs hosted group trips to the Varzina River Lodge during the prime months of June and July. Sean Clarke of Farlows, Pall Mall, a previous camp manager, ensures all aspects of a trip to the Varzina River runs smoothly. Our clients have managed their personal best Atlantic Salmon from this lodge with a thirty-pound Salmon caught each season. For individual rods or group bookings, Fly Odyssey can provide the ultimate trip to the Varzina River.

Check your gear over and make sure your kit is up to the job before leaving for Russia. Strong double-handed 14-15ft 10/11# rods and reels with a powerful drag are essential along with shooting heads in various sink densities. Also strong flourocarbon leaders and good hooks are vital. The fish are strong and many are big and they take some stopping. It's also worthwhile bringing a midge net—not normally a problem but if the weather warms up, midge will come out especially late July and into August.

The rates for this destination vary throughout the season. We offer the best available rates for this destination and do not charge for our service. By calling we are able to tailor a package to specifically suit your requirements at the best available rate. As we have offices in both the United Kingdom and Australia we can also ensure you are being quoted in your local currency. Please enquire for the latest rates and availability, including information on any applicable special offers and group discounts.



There are international flight options to Helsinki or direct flights to Murmansk Airport. Transfer to the river is one-and-a-half hour helicopter flight.

Passport with minimum six months validity and photo ID to purchase fishing license.

A Russian Tourist Visa is required to gain access into Russia, along with a new requirement of finger-print scans.

A Certificate of Desinfection is required for your fishing gear and equipement.


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