Located to the north-west of Cancun, in Mexico, Holbox Island is just forty-two kilometres (twenty-six miles) long. Holbox is separated from the mainland coast of Mexico by a shallow lagoon.

Isla Holbox is home to a great tarpon fishery targeting migrating ocean Tarpon. These fish are large with the majority exceeding a hundred pounds in weight. This is for experienced fly anglers seeking to land a large Tarpon in clear water.

  • Season: April to September
  • Tarpon fishery
  • Ideal for experiecned tarpon anglers
  • 10 anglers per week
  • Average temperatures: mid 20s to high 30s, fairly consistent due to its Caribbean location

Located on Isla Holbox, in the north of the Yucatan, the lodge is run by Luciano who will be your 'go-to' man for any issues. He runs the place and is your host, bar tender, taxi service etc

Accommodation at the lodge is in modern, comfortable and clean bedrooms, all of which have air-conditioning.

Food is always an important part of any vacation and Holbox will not disappoint you. You will be able to watch the daily catch brought in to the beach. The Gulf of Mexico provides superb seafood which figures on the menu at the several nearby restaurants—lobster, shrimp, calamari and the freshest of fish. An Italian presence has been on the island for many years resulting in excellent European cuisine that provides the island's continental flair alongside the classic Mexican food.

A continental breakfast at the lodge is the start of each day and lunch is served on the boats on fishing days. The 'Happy Hour' includes signature hors d'oeuvres. All other meals are on your own in the local restaurants, just a five-minute walk from the lodge.

Non-fishing partners mix horseback riding on the beach, sweet water cenote swimming, kayaking, windsurfing, birding and island exploration with hours of relaxation on the empty white sand beaches of this undiscovered island. You can also include a trip to Chichen Itza, the most famous of Mayan Ruins, or snorkel with the Whale Sharks.

There is a variety of other accommodation options on Isla Holbox and independent guides are also available.

WIFI is available at Isla Holbox Lodge.

Fishing at Holbox is mainly about Tarpon and, in the summer months, really big ones! A short run to the upper island means giant Tarpon on fly rods all summer long.

In contrast the mangroves are packed with juvenile Tarpon up to about fifteen pounds in weight which are there all year round. There are also Snook, Snapper, Barracuda and the odd Bonefish and Permit can make an occasional appearance.

It is the migratory Tarpon which make Holbox a special fly fishing location. Around April each year, large migrating Tarpon arrive to feed in the clear water that surrounds Holbox Island. As the water and weather warms up in June, July and August the fishing for large Tarpon really gets under way with fish typically in the range of seventy-five to one-hundred and eighty pounds.

A typical day starts with breakfast around 7:00am and when you are ready to leave the lodge with your guides—all of whom speak some English—and gear for an 8:00am start from the beach side dock. Fishing grounds can be anything from a twenty-minute to a fifty-minute run. The lodge uses Panga boats as a fishing base.

A typical fishing day allows for about eight hours on the water and you are likely to to get back around 4-ish. However, if you want to come back at lunchtime and take a break, you can do. Fishing for these large migratory Tarpon is not simply a question of turning up, this is hunting and they don't always 'play ball'. The weather and conditions can also interfere with a day's fishing so it pays to be flexible and patient when chasing a Trophy Tarpon. If things are slow you can always tackle the Snook or Juvenile Tarpon in the mangroves.

We would advise anglers to bring all the equipment and gear they need, rods reels lines and flies wading boots clothing and polarized sunglasses flies and terminal tackle etc. However, the lodge has some gear but it is limited: anglers coming to Holbox need to come geared up.

The rates for this destination vary throughout the season. We offer the best available rates for this destination and do not charge for our service. By calling we are able to tailor a package to specifically suit your requirements at the best available rate. As we have offices in both the United Kingdom and Australia we can also ensure you are being quoted in your local currency. Please enquire for the latest rates and availability, including information on any applicable special offers and group discounts.



Passport with minimum six months validity.

Take a direct flight to Cancun airport. The transfer from Cancun to Isla Holbox is by road and boat and takes approximately three hours.

Please note that an exit tax is due on leaving Cancun.


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