Fly fishing for Brown Trout in Russia is one of the few places where the original, Wild Brown Trout population still lives untampered by man. Here, you can experience fantastic brown trout fishing for fish that have seldom seen an artificial fly.

There is an exciting wilderness Brown Trout fishery on the Upper Varzina and Sidorovka Rivers. Both these rivers produce Wild Brown Trout in the six to ten pound range in a unique tented camp where you experience wilderness at is most remote.

  • Season: June to August
  • Salmon, Brown Trout, Char
  • Ideal for individual anglers and small groups
  • Six anglers with guided fly fishing
  • Wilderness location
  • Average temperatures: -20℃ in winter, 19℃ in warmer months

The upper Varzina Tented Trout Camp is situated on the right bank of the upper part of the Varzina River in the middle of the trout-fishing beat. Here, the camp is protected from the worst of the tundra winds whilst offering great views of the river and surrounding area.

Accommodation is for twelve anglers and there are five comfortable twin-bedded, heated, wooden-based tents with tables and armchairs. There is a separate stationary wooden dining-room, a Russian sauna and drying room for wet clothes at the camp. In each tent there are table lamps and extra 220V appliance receptacles for charging cameras, camcorders and other devices. Electricity is supplied twice a day#0151in the morning from 7:00am until 10:00am and in the evening from 6:00pm until 12:00am. However, it's worth noting that due to the latitude of the camp, in the summer months, it is light 24 hours a day.

The food is excellent with a hot breakfast, a packed lunch to eat streamside and hearty dinner.

WIFI is available at the camp.

The Varzina area is one of the few fisheries where the original, wild Brown Trout population still lives untampered by man. Here, you can experience fantastic brown-trout-fishing for fish that have seldom seen an artificial fly. The brown-trout-fishing is exceptional with fish ranging from four to ten pounds. There is also the chance of Salmon which have moved through the lower river as well as Arctic Char. The fishing is part-guided where you are shown the river and the techniques and then you are free to fish as long and as hard as you like.

The fishing beat is about fifteen kilometres long and the width of the river ranges from thirty to fifty metres. Guests can fish from both banks of the river. To get from one bank to the other, fishermen can use a boat and at the end of the season some parts of the river can be crossed on foot with care. The river bottom is pebble with free-standing boulders. Banks are also pebbled with hard-rocks.

There are also opportunities for remote wilderness trout-fishing to both Maxim Lake and the Penka River which is the least fished area in the whole of the region. These are both exploratory tented camp fisheries for those anglers who wish to explore truly untouched wilderness fisheries.

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There are international flight options to Helsinki or direct flights to Murmansk Airport. Transfer to the river is one-and-a-half hour helicopter flight.

Passport with minimum six months validity and photo ID to purchase fishing license.

A Russian Tourist Visa is required to gain access into Russia, along with a new requirement of finger-print scans.

A Certificate of Desinfection is required for your fishing gear and equipement.


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