Tuesday, February 23, 2010

New Zealand Fly Fishing Report

Well we have just completed three weeks of hosted fly fishing throughout the South Island of New Zealand. Over the coming days we will be updating the newsletters page with detailed reports of the fishing that was had. The guys on this trip were lucky enough to experience great weather with bright sunshine and warm conditions on most days which resulted in great sight fishing opportunities and lots of insect activity which had the trout looking skywards.

• A relaxed lunch on the banks of the Mataura (Image courtesy of Dormer Treffry).

WEEK 1 Fly fishing Southland

Week one which was based out of Simon Chu's TROUT COTTAGE in Lumsden. Trout cottage is a little fly fishing hut in Lumsden and provides an ideal base for traveling anglers. Full of NZ associated fly fishing memorabilia it sets the scene for a week fishing SOuthland. Lumsden is in the heart of some of Southland's best fly fishing country with rivers such as the Mataura and Oreti and their associated tributaries a short drive away. The first week resulted in some fantastic dry fly fishing. The willow grubs and cicada's seemed to come on as the weather warmed and the water levels dropped from the previous weeks rain.

• A Southland willow grubber. These fish are usually frustratingly difficult but Paul's willow grub pattern fooled each and every willow grubber we came across. Luck or great design? Its the most successful willow grub pattern I have used be we will find out again next year. (Image courtesy of Paul Procter)

One of the great aspects of fishing Southland is the diversity of fishing situations. One location will find fish sitting high in the water column sipping down willow grubs. One afternoon on a high bank on the Matarua we found fish stacked up waiting for cicadas or blowfly's to hit the water and then there is always the ever present backwater fish. Several of the larger backwaters would find 4-5 big browns cruising for nymphs or looking up for drowned blowflies.

• Dormer with a feisty Mataura brown. An hour was spent on this fish with over a dozen fly changes. At times it lay within 3 feet of our position. Keep still and they won't know you are there!!! (Image courtesy of Dormer Treffry)

Dormer, Pete and Paul all enjoyed some memorable catches in all of these situations with fish ranging from 3-5lb. Of course as always in New Zealand there was the missed opportunities. Large fish that make it back to the willows, several straightened hooks and the ever present 'quick strike' that succeeds in pulling the fly out of the fish's mouth before he has a chance to taste it!!

Paul with a big cicada munching Oreti brown trout (Image courtesy of Paul Procter).

Are you interested in joining one of our New Zealand hosted fly fishing adventures in 2011? Trips will be run from 22nd January, 2011. Space is extremely limited. For further details please contact us.

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