Hinchinbrook Island, Australia – Client Report

Hinchinbrook Island, Australia – Client Report

Dave and his friends recently returned from some exciting fishing around Hinchinbrook Island, in Australia:

Hi James,

Just back from a quick long weekend / Winter escape where I stayed with fellow fishermen Damo, Mark, Paul and Will at the amazing Australian Fly Fishing Lodge in the beautiful Hinchinbrook Island region. Thanks again for organizing a great trip for us.

Day 1

Today Mark, Will and I explored the vast sand flats and shallow reefs where we caught some quality queenfish and golden trevally. The fierce and fiesty small GT’s kept the boys entertained while the local sharks also enjoyed munching on some of the boys catches as they reeled them in.

Damo and Paul also explored the shallows for some quality queenfish with both guys get 1m plus fish. Towards the end of day we headed into the Hinchinbrook channel to target some Barra, but they were shut down. However, the boys managed to catch some nice Fingermarks.


Day 2

Today we headed out in two boats to chase some Blue Water species. Mark and Will joined Clint, the tour guide, and went to a different part of Blue Water. Mark got himself a quality GT and Will caught a good-sized GT. They also got on to some spanish mackerel. On the second boat Dave, Damo and Paul joined skipper Johnny. Paul got owned by an easy 35kg GT which made him and his gear look second rate, while on the same reef Damo dragged in a cracker GT to the boat and Dave had a huge Spanish Mackerel 20kg+ teased him all the way to the side of the boat before turning its head leaving all the boys devastated that it didn’t hit. The boys on both boats also enjoyed some good mack tuna fishing schools of tuna the size football fields.

Day 3

Our last day and we hit the creeks. It was hard going as the had Barra shut down but that didn’t stop the boys who again caught some quality  queenfish on Fly. Dave and Will had an awesome double hook up on queenfish but Wills’ threw the hooks. A few permit where spotted but not caught.

Until next year!



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