Fly Fishing in Bosnia – Paul Procter trip report

Fly Fishing in Bosnia – Paul Procter trip report

Paul Procter returned to Bosnia on our annual hosted weeks taking 5 anglers to experience the fabulous fishing on offer for grayling and trout during the prime hatch period of early October. 

For a number of years now I’ve been fortunate to be involved in the Fly Odyssey trips to Bosnia.  This particular adventure seems to be growing in popularity too, as each year those experiencing this part of the Balkans are keen to return.  Aside from the friendly guides, hospitality, traditional food and accommodation what makes this a memorable trip are the fly hatches.  Due to the terrain, much of the region remains untouched by humans and with traditional farming methods still going strong, little threat exists from pesticides and the likes.

Of course, rivers full of fish and fly life is only half the battle. To get both excited and active, you need decent cloud cover.  Thankfully, we were blessed with several days of thick cloud and drizzle, perfect for keeping emerged duns glued to the surface.  More than once our groups found it difficult to identify their imitations amidst a raft of floating duns…a nice predicament to be in!  This didn’t get any easier either as the hatch of Blue-winged olives often got hijacked by pulses of Large dark olives and a species similar to our Olive upright.

Naturally, plenty of rising grayling were in the offing though at the height of the hatch those larger grayling showed up for a couple of hours intense feeding.  Through guidance, thankfully the whole group displayed patience to wait on these specimens where fish of 46cm-52cm were the reward.  Oh, and forget about these big lumps just turning over like pussycats, they take off for the far bank like torpedoes, as Hilary Langan and Darryl Mooney can more than vouch for.

Remaining in pristine condition the rivers we visited could be likened to London’s finest gin in terms of clarity.  This of course meant that once the hatch was done, those with an inclination were able to sight fish to grayling using small, weighted nymphs.  Aside from being all absorbing this method certainly hones your skills.  Jonathon Kerr and Kevin Moran showed a particular flare here, especially on the occasional brighter day when the riverbed became totally illuminated.

As for the first timers, sure, teething problems reared their ugly head, yet these were quickly ironed out when Andy Grant and Roy Pettipher sampled grayling fishing like never before.  With day after day of something new and different to experience, little wonder that a week passed in the blink of an eye.  Thankfully, our 2017 dates fall smack bang in the middle of the prime hatch window and not surprisingly anglers are already getting excited.  We still have a few places if you fancy joining us.

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