Fly fishing for brown trout – Big Laxa, Iceland

Fly fishing for brown trout – Big Laxa, Iceland

Hi Mat

I just wanted to say thank you for organising the trip to Raudholar Lodge.

Overall the trip went very well and the arrangements made by yourself and Katie went like clockwork. The pick up was always friendly and timely.

The hotel Odinsve is exactly right for this type of trip. It has single rooms, smallish but clean and perfectly adequate. The staff are friendly and helpful and if required, there is a bar and restaurant. Above all it is very convenient with just a short stroll to the town centre. I would certainly stay there again. The Icelandair hotel in Keflavic is perfectly adequate too.

As you probably know the lodge is well run and clean and friendly.  It needs to give some though to updating the shared facilities but I know that Bjarni is aware of this and has an ambition to improve the offer.

The fishing is certainly exciting and the experience of catching a wild brown trout of almost 7lbs on a five weight rod is exhilarating. I’ve caught Salmon, Permit and very big Sea Trout (26lbs) and thrill of catching such a powerful fish on a small rod certainly matches the excitement of catching a Permit.

Sadly the weather was challenging, it was often cold and windy and rising fish were few and far between, I rarely tied on a dry (speculatively, to hang a nymph) and mostly I was fishing a team of nymphs downstream. The learning was that perhaps our decision to base ourselves at Raudholar for the entire trip is best described as a learning opportunity. On any future trip it Iceland I think I will try to fish at least two rivers with one being in the south of the island.

All the best.



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