Fly Fishing Aitutaki, Cook Islands – Client Report

Fly Fishing Aitutaki, Cook Islands – Client Report

Clients Richard and Shaun recently returned from Aitutaki in the Cook Islands. It is a perfect location for couples or small groups looking for challenging but very rewarding fly fishing to trophy Bonefish and big Giant Trevally.

Hi James,

Thank you for organising our fly fishing in Aitutaki. It really was like Fly fishing in paradise. Here’s a quick summary of our trip:

We had a fantastic 5 days guided fly fishing organised by Fly Odyssey Australia with guides Ben and Rua from Bonefish E2’s Way on Aitutaki.

The sight fishing was intense and exciting – hunting of an old school kind.  Just when you were convinced the guide was pointing at random patches of water you would glimpse a shade of movement underneath the ripple, the heart rate leapt and the casting skills diminished at the same rate!

The weather was not cooperative and several days had to be postponed because of high wind and rain. However that’s the tropics for you, and the guides were flexible enough to reschedule for us during our time there.  Nevertheless over the five days we walked the flats on foot, boated the deeper flats sight fishing, and also tried fishing ‘the milk’.

The guides were knowledgeable, worked hard and were great company.  Rua knew where the fish were  at all times and many thanks to Ben for putting us onto some impressive GT’s!

Richard GT (1 of 1)-2

We managed nine solid Bonefish to the boat, many more lost to coral and poor technique, one Felty reel honourably discharged, one sinking line came home a third of it’s original length, and we left with every intention of returning regularly to one of the most enjoyable, picturesque, friendly and challenging fisheries we have cast in.

We count ourselves privileged to have had  the opportunity to fish in this remote, spectacular and truly relaxing coral lagoon.

Thanks again, Richard.

Sunrise (1 of 1)

Hi James,

I don’t have much to add to Richard’s excellent summary except to say that I also found both Rua and Ben to be excellent tutors in the art of fly casting.  I don’t have the same level of expertise as Richard and they were both patient and informative and definitely improved my technique.

Finally, as Richard stated, the location is absolutely magnificent! Even when the weather was less friendly, we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves.  We anticipate returning I and will definitely book with these guides again.

Kind regards,


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