ESB Lodge Mexico – Client Report

ESB Lodge Mexico – Client Report

With the opening of the new ESB Lodge in Mexico we have had two groups of anglers in the first month of the the lodges inaugural year. While the lodge build was not quite complete the fishing was not to disappoint our groups of anglers. Mark Riley comments on his recent trip…..

Hi Mat,

Apologies for not giving any feedback yet, I was intending to do this at the weekend.

This was my very first salt water fly fishing trip and I can honestly say that it is one of the best fly fishing experiences that I have ever had. As it was new to me it was a big learning experience so  I was very grateful that Sean took the time out to accompany me on the skiff for the first day. He gave me a lot of very good advice that set me up well for the variety of fish that we would encounter during the week. One fish I did not expect to catch on my first trip was a Permit so to catch two of these during the week was a very welcome surprise. The ESB lodge advertise that they are a ‘Permit destination’ and I witnessed why one morning when the guide Luis, and Lodge manager Dean, pointed out at least five different (and large) schools of Permit in one particular bay. We spent a good three hours with these fish and I witnessed first-hand just why they are so difficult to catch. The two guides that I was with during the week knew it was my first salt water fly fishing experience. They were both very helpful and gave me good advice each day. The most frustrating fish to me were the Tarpon, I had many casts to these and had a tussle with at least a dozen and a half of these but only managed to make one of them stick. I was great fun trying and learning though.

Another big positive for me on this trip was to witness so much different wildlife the area has to offer. During the week I saw a Jaguar, saltwater crocodiles and a vast variety of bird species. The one thing that will stick in my mind was to see dozens of Loggerhead turtles popping their heads up and swimming under the skiff one morning, a few of them were 5 to 6 foot long.

One slight negative for me was that I was disappointed with the quality of the evening meals at the lodge. I can only think of two evenings that I enjoyed the food. I should point out that this was probably just me not being used to Mexican cuisine, I think that everybody else on the trip enjoyed the food.

Overall I was very happy with the trip to ESB and I would very much like to return there sometime in the future. I have some friends that have been on saltwater fly fishing trips elsewhere around the world so I have discussed the trip with them and given them the details of the fishing and the details of the ESB lodge website to consider.





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