Christmas Island – Hosted Trip Report

Christmas Island – Hosted Trip Report

We have recently returned from one of our annual Fly Odyssey hosted trips to the amazing Christmas Island, Kiribati.

The triggerfish numbers this year have been exceptional throughout the winter months with clients new to both Fly fishing and Saltwater Fly fishing  also landing quality fish.  With over fifty triggerfish landed for the week, the group had a great time with the bonefish were also larger on average compared to previous years. Good numbers of 3-5lb bonefish were regularly landed each day, and Giant Trevally to 35/40lbs on the flats. Golden trevally, striped trevally and milkfish were also found throughout the week.

The Korean wreck area also fished well, with numerous Bonefish, Triggerfish, Bluefin Trevally and some small GT’s landed. Offshore, Tuna and Sailfish have also provided great sport. We will continue to ensure our clients are well prepared both on and off the water as we start planning for our 2019 return trips.

Patrick Johnson reports on his first ever Fly Fishing trip, with some outstanding captures along the way:

I would like to say THANK YOU for the absolutely best fishing experience I have ever had. Fishing at Christmas Island for my first ever fly fishing trip was amazing! You have such a passion for making sure all your guests have the most rewarding fishing experience one can have. We caught and released more fish than we could count, my largest being a 15lb trigger fish and 5lb bone fish. The amount of different species of fish was insane. The water and surrounding was truly picturesque!

Our cabin was always clean, food was good and the hospitality was fantastic. The fishing guides were exceptional and really did help me having the great experience that I had.
You were all over it with all your knowledge of fly fishing techniques and the go-to spots each day, and spot-on with all your recommendations which I will use in going forward to become a better fly fisherman. You always made yourself available when needed and again not enough can be said about wanting to ensure we all had a lifetime of fond memories.
I will definitely be going back and look forward to my next trip to Christmas Island and other Saltwater destinations!
Patrick Johnston
If you would like to join us in 2019 please email or CALL +61 4 999 00 816.
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