Anna Atoll Fly Fishing Sustainability Project Update

Anna Atoll Fly Fishing Sustainability Project Update

The Anna atoll sustainability project update for 2016…

For the past 24 months we have been working hard on a sustainability project on the Tuamotu island of Anaa atoll in French Polynesia. In 2016 this project has moved forward significantly. Alex Filous from the University of Hawaii has spent the year studying the bonefish population, cultural fishing practices and providing an education program in the local school on conservation and fish biology. With regard to science Alex is conducting he has managed to tag over 1000 bonefish which will help in providing valuable information on the population structure and has also now a good understanding on the spawning movements of these fish. In 2017 the next phase of the project will begin with Alex leading the way in developing the community and conservation plans and providing ongoing training program for the Anaa fly fishing guides and continue the angler based research being undertaken.


In July, James from Fly Odyssey Australia and I visited the island with Josh Hutchins from Aussie Fly Fisher and Scott Xanthoulakis from Wilderness fly Fishing to continue the exploration of the atoll and help Alex Filous with his ongoing scientific work on the island. We had a great weeks fishing some of the endless reef flats and edges and landed some great Giant and bluefin trivially, red bass and Napoleon Wrasse. Josh took some stunning images and produced a great write up for National Geographic Traveller magazine on the project.


During 2016 we also had a small number clients fish Anaa Atoll as part of our angler based research program. All managed to catch some amazing fish while also assisting with Alex in his fish tagging studies. The first to visit was Philipp Pfneisl who writes a fantastic blog: THOOTY CRITTERS. You can read Philipp’s review of his stay at Anaa on his blog and while the weather didn’t cooperate fully he managed some great fish. We have had several more anglers during October through December and all managed some good fishing for Gt’s, bluefin and bonefish.


If you are interested in being involved in this project in 2017 as an angler then we will have some opportunities to fish on Anaa atoll in 2017.

With Thanks Images courtesy of Josh Hutchins



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